Kriss Viconte

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Kriss Viconte combines successfully both concepts-the traditonal troubadour with just an acoustic guitar, singing and entertaining his audience and it's modern version-the OneMan Band -when it comes to 50's -90's -to now day's rock guitar music.

Starting as a guitar player/front man with professional bands at the age of 16 Kriss has developed through the years his own style and his own way of showing his passion for the Rock'N Roll.
Touring with several bands in Germany, Sweden, Norway, England and Finland has given him a great deal of experience in live performance and in the way of choosing the right songs for people with different musical tastes.

Kriss graduated the Audio Institute of America in San Francisco as an Honor Student in Recording Engineering and this helps him a lot by providing the audience with a high quality sound - a very important issue in live performance.

He usually opens with a good selection of "singalong" songs wich he performs just with an acoustic guitar and sings tempting everyone to sing together.

The songs of The Beatles,Animals,CCR,Bob Dylan,Cat Stevens,Neil Young,Simon & Garfunkel, Don McLean,John Denver, Garth Brooks,James well as many Irish traditional songs fascinate people of all ages and "seduce" them to sing along. When it comes to electric-guitar rock classics -you better be around ! His background accompaniment-mostly drums and bass parts, programmed by himself, create the atmosphere of a live band.

Kriss Viconte's songlist contains a big variety of songs and styles from the 50's to 90's Bands and performers such as Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix,Santana, Steve Ray Vaughan,George Thorogood, CCR, Lynyrd Skynyrd,Deep Purple, Uriah Heep,Ozzy,Oasis, Lenny Kravitz,Dire Straits... to mention just a few.

A great deal of humor is always a part of his performance.

Since 2004 Kriss lives in Finland(Porvoo-about 50km outside Helsinki) and plays at all the Viking Line,Silja Line, Eckeröline cruising ships as well as in pubs and festivals all around Finland,Norway and Sweden.